04 Nov 2020

Link shrink

The universal standard length of a SMS-message is 160 characters and if a message exceeds that number it will be counted as multiple messages.

Our modern phones handle this seamlessly and the recipient of the message will never notice that the message has been divided.
But if you pass that limit, you’ll have to pay for additional messages.

So, to increase your utilization of space – we offer a smart link shrink function to help you maximize your content in your communication.

As soon as you insert a link into your message, our system will offer to shorten that link for you, with a custom link that will save you some space.

But in addition to that we’ll also help you monitor all clicks on those links.

All the statistics are easily accessed in your message history and the recipient will be taken to your link right away.

Try it out today and become the hero of your company!