26 Feb 2020

What to do and what not to do!

What to do!

Introduce yourself.

State clearly what company that is sending the message. Maybe this is the first time you are texting this customer and he or she doesn´t have your number. 

Call to action

What do you want the customer to do when he or she has read your text. Make sure that it is easy for the customer to take part of your offer. Including a link to your web-page can be a good idea.

Short and crisp!

You want to keep your message short and informative. Skip the small talk and get straight to the point.

Send at the appropriate time

When is your customer the most susceptible to a great offer. Probably not at 5 in the morning.  

What not to do!

Don´t spam your customer!

Think about how ofter your customers are likely to want an offer or other information from you. You don´t want to send texts to often and end upp getting blocked by the customer.

Don´t repeat yourself!

Don´t repeat yourself, at least not to often. Be creative and come upp with new offers and keep your customer interested.

Customer consent!

Don´t spam people without permission. Make sure that you have gotten consent from your potential customers. Be careful not to damage your brand and annoy potential customers.